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Sketchup 8 Under Wine

by Nige Copeland

Getting SKetchup 8 to run is fairly easy. To start you need the most recent Wine and Winetricks - Ubuntu 10.10 already has Winetricks:

Install Sketchup 8.

You will get an openGL error when Sketchup tries to enter the workspace. Browse Wine’s C drive and go to C:\windows\regedit.exe.

Find the registry entry HKEY_USERS S-1-5-4 Software Google Sketchup8 GLConfig Display
Select the REG_DWORD HW-OK and change the value to 1.

Sketchup should now open and run, but it wont save.

Open the terminal and you then need to add corefonts vcrun6 vcrun2005 so that Sketchup will export.


sh winetricks corefonts vcrun6 vcrun2005

or just winetricks with 10.10 a new window opens.

About the Author

This tutorial was written by Thea Render beta tester Nige Copeland. You can contact Nige via email and view examples of his work via his deviantART gallery.

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