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Riihimäki Vases

April 30th, 2013

Whilst experimenting with some advanced material rendering techniques I realised that my approach to material creation and lighting has evolved considerably over the last couple of years. I therefore decided to revisit an old project and see what I could achieve with my new skills.

The below renders feature various multi-layer materials designed to add depth and realism to glass objects. This mostly involves lots of masks and grunge maps, which have been used to add scratches, surface distortion, colour variation and smudge marks.

In terms of lighting I have modelled a studio setup that is close to the type of scenario you would find being used in a real-world photographic studios and product visualisation. As a result, all of the gradients and reflections have been achieved in-camera. The only post-production involved a little colour and tone modification using Photoshop.

The glass vase models were created some time ago using Sketchup. The only alterations involved remapping the UVs. The design of the vases is based on a product line created by Tamara Aladin for Riihimaki. The mirror finish version is not something that Riihimaki manufactured - it's just an experiment inspired by antique mercury glass & recent work by Tsunami Glassworks.

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