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Welcome to David Hier: Render Studio

My name is David Hier and I'm a UK-based 3D visualisation artist and I specialise in producing high quality 3D architectural renders and illustrations. I'm also available to work on product visualisation projects, as well as graphic design jobs that requires elements of 3D modelling or rendering.

I offer professional services that can help you successfully communicate your design vision through the use of compelling rendered visualisation imagery. I can provide cost effective solutions for individuals, small businesses and anyone who needs to enhance the presentation of their design projects.

My studio is located in Cheshire and is perfectly situated for working with architects, designers and developers based in Greater Manchester and the North West region of the UK. I also take on clients from throughout the UK and I am happy to work with international clients from all over the world.

Architectural Rendering & Product Visualisation

Architectural Render for Evermotion 2011 render competition
Architectural Render for Evermotion 2011 render competition

Although I am passionate about all forms of design, architecture is the one area of design that really fires my imagination and inspires me to produce high quality architectural renders.

Consequently most of my work tends to focus architectural projects. I'm willing to take on a broad variety of different ventures: from small hard landscaping projects through to house extensions and modifications, interior design projects and house designs.

Most of my architectural renders are based on either images of architectural plans or CAD drawings. I am therefore able to understand architectural plans and I'm familiar with the process of translating these plans into three dimensional models for use in architectural renders. Rendered visualisations can also be created from supplied models.

In addition to architectural rendering I can also create realistic visualisation images for product designers and companies who want to show clients how their finished designs might look. This can include anything from minimal studio shots, through to catalogue images and full scenes that show your product being used in everyday settings.

3D Rendering Portfolio & Modelling Services

To view examples of my architectural renderings and product visualisations, please visit my Portfolio page.

Since 3D modelling plays a big role in producing photo-real renders, I am also able to provide a bespoke modelling service. You can view some examples of my Sketchup models in my Free Models library. Further information about my modelling services can be found on my 3D Modelling page.

I also offer a selection of premium models for purchase via

More Information & Enquiries

If you have any questions about the services I offer, or wish to discuss how your design projects could benefit from the use of 3D visualisations, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

You can also follow me via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.